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Budget-friendly Rodent and Rat Pest Control company in Dubai

We control rats to minimize the spread of diseases and wreak havoc

Rodent and Rat Pest Control Services in Dubai

Rats are some of the troublesome and damaging rodents in our houses. They eat and contaminate food, spoil our kitchens, and damage our property. Rats and rodents transmit parasites and diseases to animals and humans in your home. However, finding and handling them is quite challenging. If you are facing challenges with Rodent and Rat pest control, Al Waha Hygiene is here to help you with rat control services in Dubai. We have been in the pest control and rat & rodent control services industry for more than a decade. 
Al Waha Hygiene in Dubai is a reliable Rodent and Rat pest control services company that offers effective pest control solutions on a low budget. Our rat control services ensure your home is free from rats, mice, and rodents --- further stops them from returning.  

Types of rats in Dubai:

  1. House rats
  2. Roof rats 
  3. Norway rats

Signs of rodent infestation:

Rodent infestations can be uncovered when you see droppings inside of cupboards and on the floor. You might also be able to discover the infestation if you listen to scratching sounds and damages. 

Risks of having rats and rodents:

  1. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome expanded
  2. Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome collapsed
  3. Lassa Fever collapsed
  4. Leptospirosis collapsed
  5. Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM) collapsed
  6. Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever collapsed
  7. Plague collapsed
  8. Rat-Bite Fever collapsed
  9. Salmonellosis collapsed

If you observe any of the above symptoms and want to control rat and rodent infestation, get in touch with Al Waha Hygiene rat pest control services. Our team will inspect your house and deploy the necessary measures to keep your family safe and healthy. 

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